A rate, is a levy, is a tax…is a bit of a whinge »

AS WE approach 2012, old timers in the bush still refer to one NSW institution as the ‘PP Board’. PP stands for ‘Pastures Protection’. Today, that institution is in fact called the NSW Livestock Health and Pest Authority following a series of name changes, the most recent in 2008.The genesis of this unique state institution ...
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Brand challenges require integrated solutions »

AGRIBUSINESS IS increasingly embracing an integrated approach, with particular emphasis on public relations and digital media, as they attempt to address the contradictory challenges facing agriculture. On one hand, agriculture is tasked with feeding a growing world population from a finite production base. Against this, the production of food, fibre and biofuel has never been ...
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Let them eat cake »

IT’S A life and death battle to feed the roughly 6.9 billion people sharing planet Earth. The statistics bandied around by governments, scientists and charities are  amazing and alarming. Every day, almost one billion people don’t get enough to eat. Almost half of these live China and India, the most populous nations  on the planet. ...
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Drought driven ‘water follies’ behind us »

THE DODGY concept of what is called the ‘water footprint’ of food appears to have slipped below the media radar since  Australia’s drought of the century broke late last year. In 2006, New Scientist magazine had told readers: ‘It takes 20,000 litres of water to grow 1 kilo of coffee, 11,000 litres for a quarter ...
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